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Back in our old incarnation the Podcast was huge - it got to #3 in iTunes! However with the site I simply ran out of time to make it. Whether it will return or not is still in question - I'd welcome your thoughts by email. It looks perhaps unlikely, but then I never say never!

From our humble beginnings to our cool new look here are all the shownotes for the episodes. The Quizcast pages are made up of the questions and (finally) the answers.

Quizcast 1. 62 West Wallaby Street
Quizcast 2. A Grand Day Out
Quizcast 3. A Close Shave
Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Podcast: The Pilot Episode
Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Podcast: The Promo
1. Back to the Beginning
2. Cracking Calamities
3. Wonderful Wensleydale
4. Hospice Happenings
5. Fanatical Fans
6. Cracking Christmas
7. Brilliant Bumper Bonanza
8. Pie Podcast
9. Aardman Antics
10. Mini Mania
11. Cheesy Chops
12. Interesting Interview
13. Villains and Victims
14. Strange Songs
15. Perilous Process
16. Wooing Women
17. Delving Discussion
18. Radical Return
19. Super Stage Show

Thinking of sending something in for the podcast? Check this link to see if it's been done before! Don't worry if it has though, everyone has a different opinion, but it's nice to see new things too! Click here for the page

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