Cracking Contraptions
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Length: 1-3 Minutes


Shopper 13

Wallace and Gromit test their latest invention - a robotic shopping trolley - by sending it out to buy cheese. However the loss of a wheel causes a major malfunction and Gromit has his work cut out if he is to save the Edam!

The Autochef

Wallace’s latest invention can serve you any type of food you want, unfortunately sometimes it gets a bit carried away and its not long before everything goes ‘bottoms up.’

A Christmas Cardomatic

In an attempt to save money on Christmas cards Wallace builds a huge machine to make his own, but could he have just stepped outside the door for a better picture?

The Tellyscope

Forget the remote control, this is the all-new way to change channel from the comfort of your armchair. Problems arise when you’ve no ammo left however”¦

The Snowmanotron

There’s a competition for the best snowman and Wallace is determined to win. But will it be Gromit who takes home the trophy?

The Bully Proof Vest

Burglar in the night? Just use this wonderful vest with inbuilt boxing glove! However Gromit isn’t so keen to try it out”¦

525 Crackervac

Finally a device that might save Gromit some time, but will it cause more trouble that it can solve?

The Turbo Diner

An upgrade on the Autochef - produces incredible dinners fit for a King. Just make sure you’ve topped up the meter”¦

The Snoozatron

Counting sheep has always sent Wallace to sleep, but Gromit has rather a different take on the matter”¦

The Soccamatic

The Preston North End FC Soccamatic is the perfect penalty taking machine, but is it too good?!

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