The Wrong Trousers
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Length: 30 Minutes


The Wrong Trousers is often described as the best thirty minutes of animation ever made.

Money is running low at West Wallaby Street after Gromit's birthday presents cost quite a lot... To make it up Wallace advertises for a lodger. The position is soon taken up by a rather unfriendly and very suspicious looking penguin.

Gromit suspects something is going on, and soon discovers that the penguin is actually criminal mastermind 'Feathers McGraw'.

After a diamond theft using Wallace and Gromit's new techno-trousers, a thrilling train chase on the floor leaves McGraw captured and in prison, with Wallace and Gromit's money situation sorted out using the reward money. Everything is back to normal at 62 West Wallaby Street as a pair of techno trousers make their own way down West Wallaby and out of sight for the last time.

The film was received with great reviews, even America saw the potential of the two, awarding them the Oscar for best animated short.

Nick Park and Steve Box (the creator and his great friend, another animator on the film) both admit to this film being their favourite above the next film 'A Close Shave', despite that having almost double the budget of this one!

Peter Lord, co-founder of Aardman animation is quoted as saying of the film:

''Even though they've always been Nick's characters, Wallace and Gromit mean infinitely more to us than just a commodity. It was quite irresistible to support the project when he announced that he wanted to work with them again. The storyboard was magnificent, full of humour, full of life. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was going to be a winner. It means an enormous amount to Aardman emotionally because so many of us worked on it and I guess it's the expression of what we've always believed in and have been working up to: that you can do successful long-form films using this technique. Although it's Nick's film, it's our statement as a group about what is right about an animated film: that it's a film first and foremost and, incidentally, it's animated."

(C) Aardman/Wallace and Gromit Ltd

In-Depth Guide

Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers
An episode capsule by Sebastian Hamilton


Written by Nicholas Park
Directed by Nicholas Park Originally shown on television on 3rd December 1993



Wallace and Gromit are running low on cash after Wallace has bought some expensive presents for Gromit’s birthday. Therefore Wallace decides to rent out the spare room.

When a mysterious penguin arrives Gromit’s birthday takes a plunge for the worst, as Wallace seems to forget him. Eventually he takes the final decision and Gromit leaves home. When he realises something is going wrong with the Trousers, and the penguin is to blame, he sneaks back into Feather’s bedroom and finds him to be a diamond thief!

Meanwhile, with the use of the Wrong Trousers, Feathers pulls off a robbery and takes a beautiful diamond held in the duo’s local museum.

Upon return to the house Gromit confronts him, and finally a thrilling chase on the train set along the floor leads to the capture of Feathers and the reward money attached to that, clearing all their debts and leaving them to enjoy their cheese.

Title sequence

Old wallpaper is up. On the wall are three rockets, each one bigger than before, in the style of the famous flying birds. The camera pans along to show a picture of Wallace and Gromit on the wall before panning down into the shadow of the wrong trousers, a music sting rings and the titles flash up.


· Music is a major difference in the versions

· Julian Nott's incidental music is missing from the early part of the American version (from the opening until the appearance of the techno-trousers). Different logo opening on Fox Video version.

· In an effort to get Gromit out of the house, Feathers plays very loud music. One tune is "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" and another is "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the 'Ole Oaktree" which indicates that he's just been released from prison. These however did change with the UK DVD.

· In a couple of scenes, Gromit is reading "The Republic" by Pluto. The actual author is Plato; Pluto is Mickey Mouse's dog.

· When Gromit is reading the newspaper at the café, one of the headlines is "Dog Reads Paper".

· Gromit's birthday is February 12, indicated by the circling of the number 12 on the calendar and the month only having 29 days (it is also leap year).

· When Wallace and Feathers drink the wine, it’s actually real wine in their glasses! During the animation Nick drew it out drop by drop with a pipette.

· The moment when Wallace yawns in the museum is the first time Wallace’s mouth had been opened by anyone other than Nick Park. It was animated by Steve Box, though Nick oversaw the whole process!

· When Wallace is attached to the windows of the museum with the alarms going off, the reflection of his trousers in the window are actually magnets

Did you notice...

· Continuity: Position of the blue "Room to Let" sign, as Gromit is reading the adverts.

· Continuity: One of the tiles comes loose when Wallace is walking across the ceiling in the museum. A few seconds later, the tile is flat on the ceiling again.

· Continuity: When Gromit is getting ready to go into the bathroom in the morning, Wallace passes him fully-clothed and says, "Good Morning, Gromit." The next shot shows Wallace back in his bath-robe blow-drying his bald head!

· Continuity: Gromit suddenly gains a watch on his right arm, when looking at the calendar, it's not seen before or afterwards. However, this is the type of thing that can be allowed through artistic license, due to the fact that it was intentional.

· Continuity: When the penguin uses the remote to get Wallace out of bed, the sheets are all crumpled up, but in the next shot they're neatly spread over the bed again.

· Continuity: In the beginning Gromit pours a cup of tea and the teacup is in front of him. When he returns to the table the cup is much further away from the teapot.

· Continuity: Gromit cuts out a piece of the box so he can spy on Feathers McGraw. When McGraw walks away later, the piece of the box is gone from the spot on the floor that it dropped onto.

· Miscellaneous?: As Gromit is pulled off for a walk by the Techno Trousers it might be the light, or something else, shining brightly white up Wallace’s leg and back or it could be a wire. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look great!

· Miscellaneous: During the train scene, Gromit is dangling from a lamp on the ceiling. Then Feathers McGraw shoots the lamp, Gromit falls onto the train, and the lamp is on his head. But as earlier seen, there is a light bulb in the lamp, so shouldn't we have seen and heard breaking glass?

· Miscellaneous: As Gromit walks into the dining room carrying the post, the dressing table mirror behind him moves up and down

· Miscellaneous: The same car is seen a number of times! (they couldn’t afford more than 1!)

Movies (and other) references

· Rsycho (1960)

· Feathers McGraw tricks people into thinking he is a chicken, as people believe Norman Bates is his mother when dressed up. The way that the scenes are structured is largely based on the Hitchcock style of movie making, particularly the scenes in the alleyway by the museum and as Feathers is walking up the staircase. The music score echoes this.

· Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

· Gremlins (1984)

· Batman Returns (1992)

· Weetabix

Signs, Magazines, and things around their house

Their calendar
- A simple one with Gromit’s birthday circled

Their letters
- A letter weighing 420g which confirms that their house is in Wigan
- Other letters which cannot be read

Gromit’s birthday card
- ‘To a dear dog’ caption with a cartoon dog underneath. Plays ‘Happy Birthday’ (or ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow!’)

Headline on Gromit’s first newspaper - the Morning Post
- ‘Win a break in”¦’ [unknown]
- Moon cheese shares soar!
- ‘What a gem!’ [advertising the blue diamond that plays such a large part later on]
- ‘Mistaken for a God’
- ‘Sheep shears second off ”¦”¦to win!’
- ‘Marrow sets new speed record’

Their piggy bank
- An actual piggy bank
- hidden behind a picture of a piggy bank

Gromit’s birthday presents from Wallace
- Spiky collar
- Red lead
- The Techno Trousers [label - To Gromit Love Wallace x]

Items in Gromit’s bedrooms
- A ski
- Tennis racket
- A bookshelf with 7 books on it (two lying horizontally)
- A red alarm clock
- A radio
- A large bone picture hangs above the bed (Feathers replaces this with a picture of a fish)
- A larger bookshelf with 19 books on it, including ‘Bones’, ‘Sticks’, and ‘Electronics for dogs’
- A yellow kite with a very ‘batmanny’ logo on it
- A model of their rocket
- A model ship
- A green model helicopter
- A large brown chest of drawers
- 8 records + record player, including ‘bach’
- A darts board on the door with lots of marks around it
- Telescope
- An old trunk
- A wardrobe
- On side of wardrobe A camera
- On desk 5 pens in a glass holder
- On desk Globe
- On desk Binoculars
- On desk Lamp

In Feather’s suitcase
- Blankets
- Glove disguise
- Toothbrush

Gromit reads
- ‘The Republic’ by Pluto

Gromit’s towel
- Green with ‘G’ embroidered on it

Gromit’s breakfast
- He watches the Open University [the theme tune plays in the background]

In Gromit’s kennel
- 4 books - ‘Kennels’, ‘Poodles’, ‘Sticks’, ‘Sheep II’
- Toothpaste in a jar
- Bone
- His earmuffs
- Football
- Hairbrush
- Picture of Wallace and Gromit

He packs with him in his bindle
- Bone
- Hairbrush
- Clock

Adverts in the shop window
- Clean room in large house no dogs please!
- Puppies free to good homes
- Georgina Gold Fish Aquarium
- A weird picture of a woman who looks strangely like Dame Edna

Articles in the paper Gromit reads in the café
- Sorry for the delay
- Norman is the elephants?
- Free poster offer
- Front-page Sheepdog Trials Continue

Gromit hides in a Meatabix box

Poster on the wall as Wallace climbs up the side of the museum

Some items in the museum
- ‘The Green Man’ statue on the wall
- A brown jar
- Picture of angels
- T-Rex dinosaur skeleton
- Two suits of armour (one in each room) and one suit of armour without shield in diamond room
- Statue of two people kissing - one very Wallace-like
- Undersea dinosaur skeleton
- Stone-age penguins in a display (one fallen over)
- Dinosaur models in a display case
- Old head statuette
- Old jar
- Religious wall ornament
- Mammoth skeleton
- Puma (from Creature Comforts)
- Two shields and two swords
- Two Egyptian mummies
- One mummified animal
- One mummified guitar
- Mace
- Two Egyptian style cat statuettes
- Modern-art style picture
- Modern-art picture with naked women on it
- Display case with pots and jars

There are crackers all over the kitchen worktop (with cheese), and there is a half-eaten packet of crackers on Wallace’s bedside table (with a book)

On Gromit’s last paper (Evening Post)
- FEATHERS McGRAW BACK INSIDE [only time we see his name]
- GOAL-DEN BOYS - City toast precious win against rivals
- B-t Rovers rescue hopes look bleak [- = unknown]

Pictures hanging up

· Three ‘Wallace and Gromit style’ Rockets, in the style of the famous flying birds
· A picture of Wallace and Gromit
· A circular picture of a duck
· A picture of a slice of cheese is above Wallace’s bed
· A picture of a sheep hangs to the other side of the bed
· A framed marrow hangs behind Wallace’s seat in the dining room
· In the dining room there is a picture of a slice of cheese
· A framed picture of a bouquet of flowers
· A parent sheep and a lamb picture hangs above the stairs
· A miserable looking man is in the picture hanging above the bed in the un-decorated spare room
· A plate with a robin painted on it
· A mirror hangs above the fireplace with a windmill motif on it
· A moose head
· A modern art picture on the wall, possibly of a person [see behind the train once Gromit starts laying track]
· A landscape
· A sheep leaping over a fence


Sebastian Hamilton: This has been described as the greatest 30 minutes of animation in history, and I can see why. The animation itself is brilliant - not badly done, but not polished either - and only adds to the story.

The story is simple, and can see slow paced, but sets the scene for Wallace and Gromit perfectly and the mad train-chase at the end doesn’t seem out of place at all.
Quite simply the perfect piece of television.

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Old wallpaper is up. On the wall are three rockets, each one bigger than before, in the style of the famous flying birds. The camera pans along to show a picture of Wallace and Gromit on the wall before panning down into the shadow of the wrong trousers, a music sting rings and the titles flash up.

The Dining Room

Gromit is sitting at the breakfast table. In front of him are a toaster, his teapot and a teacup. He pours tea into the cup, then places bread into the toaster and pushes it away. He gets up from the table and moves over to the calendar. The 12th is circled, and we see from the crosses that it is the present date. He crosses it out too. He looks over his shoulder, checks his watch and rolls his eyes.

Wallace’s bedroom

Wallace is fast asleep

The Dining Room

Gromit is still checking his watch. Suddenly he hears the postbox. He runs to it, rummages through the post and walks back through the door, pausing as the train set goes past.
Gromit sits again at the table and opens the most exciting looking envelope - addressed clearly to him. He looks surprised at the front of the card he has drawn out, and then even more so as he opens it and it plays music. He looks a little crestfallen, but sits through the music.
Suddenly a machine starts tooting and a light on the ‘to do’ board lights up next to ‘Breakfast’.

Wallace’s Bedroom

Wallace is pressing the service button repeatedly; he looks a little confused, as if nothing is happening when it should be.

Wallace: Hmm. It’s my turn for breakfast this morning Gromit. I’d like a three-minute egg”¦

The Dining Room

Gromit leans back and pulls down a lever

Wallace’s Bedroom

Wallace’s bed starts to rise up suddenly.

Wallace: Whoa! Steady on! Booowww!


The Dining Room

Wallace falls through a hole in the floor and lands in his chair.

Wallace: Gromit! Owww!

Machines put his clothes on him.

Wallace: Hmm.

Machines drop back. Wallace looks more awake.

Wallace: Ha ha!

Gromit is sitting at the table reading his paper. He pummels a button with his fist. A machine flicks a spoon out of the jam jar and a spoonful of jam flies across the air. A piece of toast jumps up in front of Wallace, the jam hits it, and the toast falls onto Wallace’s plate.

Wallace: Hm hm hm. Eating his toast Well... That went as well as could be expected, didn't it? Hmm?

Gromit looks up from his paper

Wallace: Though I might have to make a small adjustment to the drop. A touch painful on re-entry. Finishes his toast off. Cracking toast, Gromit. Gromit goes back to his paper Any post, was there, perchance? Gromit looks back up, then passes over the letters. Wallace opens one and takes a look at it. Oh, dear, a bit steep! Opens up the letter properly and we see how long it actually is. Oh, my goodness! Well, I'll be...! Hu hu. They're all bills. Oh, dear, oh, dear me! We shall have to economise, Gromit. I'll have to let that room out. Oh, dear!

Wallace gets up from his chair and moves across the room to the fireplace. He removes a picture of a piggybank and a safe is underneath. He then opens the safe and takes out a piggybank. He moves back to the table, opens it, and shakes out the money onto the plate below.

Wallace: Oh! Just look at that! I'm down to my last few coppers. And those presents weren't cheap, either. Oh! Gromit looks up Well, Gromit, let's see what's on the 9.05 shall we? A train toots Here she comes now.

The train enters the room. On the back of it is a pink present with gold ribbons holding it together. Wallace grabs it off the back of the train and gives it a little shake.

Wallace:: I wonder what this can be. Happy birthday, chuck! Ha ha! Passes the present over to Gromit

An excited Gromit unwraps the present. Inside he finds a spiky collar and a lead. Bemused, he looks at them.

Wallace: I knew you'd like it. Here, let me help you. He comes over behind Gromit and tightens the collar around his neck, practically strangling him.

Wallace: Patting Gromit’s head You look like somebody owns you now. Walks away. And that's only the first part! From another room Come and look in here.


The Living Room

Gromit walks through into the living room. Sudden mechanical feet make him stop in his tracks, as a stomping walking pair of trousers advance towards him; they are wrapped up in wrapping paper. Gromit backs up against the wall terrified. Suddenly they come to a stop and Gromit sees a label attached. Leaning forward and grabbing it he reads ‘To Gromit Love Wallace x’. Wallace walks in suddenly from where the trousers came from.

Wallace: I think you'll find this present a valuable addition to our modern lifestyle! He unwraps it and reveals a pair of robotic trousers. They're "Techno Trousers", Ex-NASA. Fantastic for walkies! Wallace grabs the end of Gromit’s lead and attaches it to the trousers. He clips the other end to Gromit. All you do is attach the lead on here... then programme in. He presses several buttons and pulls down levers. Walkies, ten minutes, twenty minutes... Oops! The trousers come to life suddenly and violently drag Gromit from the room, bring out a yelp. Ha ha ha! Have a nice walk, Gromit!


The Park

A sign reads ‘Dogs must be kept on a lead’. We see Gromit climbing up a slide. He glances over and we see that the techno trousers are pulling along a toy dog. Gromit whizzes down the slide.


The Dining Room

Wallace is sitting at his desk with papers surrounding him. He has an abacus and calculator in front of him as he works on figures.

Wallace: Hmm... Ohh... It's no use prevaricating about the bush. He glances into the house.


The Garden

Gromit is being pulled along the path on the trolley that they toy had previously been on. He glances up into the window. Wallace places a sign in it that reads ‘ROOM TO LET. Apply within’. Gromit is so busy looking he doesn’t spot the step and is yanked into the house.


The Living Room

Gromit is sitting in his armchair, knitting. Wallace is in his drinking a cup of tea.

Wallace: Nice walkies, hmm? How were the Techno Trousers?

Gromit stops, looks at him, and raises his eyes. The doorbell rings.

Wallace: Oh, there’s someone at the door Gromit. I wonder who that could be. He gets up and goes to the door. Out of shot we hear him say: Oh, it’s about the room then. Well, that’s grand! Eh, would you like to come this way and inspect?

Wallace walks past and Gromit looks to see who the new person is. He sees no one and, surprised, looks down. Standing there is a penguin, who suddenly turns to look at Gromit, surprising him again. He then proceeds to climb the stairs.

Wallace: from the landing I’m asking twenty a week, eh that will include your breakfast. I suppose you like kippers do you, haha? Partial to a nice black pudding myself - with bacon of course! I’m sure we can come to an amiable agreement. Feathers and Wallace stand in the doorway of the spare room. It is empty and has pealing wallpaper. A picture falls off the wall. As I say, it’s a bit dingy, but it’s surprising what a lick of paint will do, isn’t it!

Feathers walks along into Gromit’s room. He sits on Gromit’s bed and starts to unpack.

Wallace: Oh, ehh but, I don’t think”¦ hmm”¦ Ehh”¦ It wasn’t quite what we had in mind”¦ Eh, wwwouldn’t you like to see”¦ Oh dear!

Feathers starts to jump on the bed, obviously very comfortable.

Wallace: Look, ah haha, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.. uh.. It’s umm”¦ no pets. Does that suit you?

Feathers twiddles the radio from classic relaxing music to funky tin-organ style, before lying back.

Wallace: Seems pleasant enough”¦


The Spare Room

Wallace is on a stepladder putting bone wallpaper on the spare room walls.

Wallace: Cheer up Gromit, surprising what a lick of paint will do, isn’t it!

Gromit is strapping himself into the Techno Trousers with braces, reading the instructions booklet as he does so. Wallace hums to himself. Gromit presses a button and the instructions are immediately sucked onto the foot, he presses another and the instructions fall of and he is blasted towards the wall. He starts to climb it.

Wallace: Oh, so that’s where my braces went!

Gromit is upside down, painting the ceiling. Wallace walks backwards out of the room.

Wallace: Wonderful things these Techno Trousers! Oh! Oh I’m sorry! He has walked into Feathers McGraw who has appeared out of nowhere in front of the doorway. Feathers walks in and suspiciously gazes up at the trousers. Gromit stares back.


The Spare Room

Wallpaper has been badly put up but no more furniture has entered yet. Gromit is lying in the old bed with just a blanket to cover him. A chamber pot lies underneath it with his alarm clock, the only possession he has managed to get back from his room. He lies awake due to the absurdly loud music coming from his old room.


The Living Room

Gromit is lying on the sofa trying to get some sleep. He has evidently been reading more of his book that is lying on the footrest. He angrily gets up.


The Landing

Gromit hammers on the door, but no one answers.



Gromit is lying in his kennel, the music is still coming from his old bedroom that has the light blaring in it. Gromit has even got his pink earmuffs on! Suddenly a cat screams and a piece of glass is smashed elsewhere. The gate is kicked open. Feathers enters and walks along into the house. A few moments later the music and light are switched off. Amazed and saddened, Gromit bursts into tears.


The Landing

Gromit is standing outside the bathroom with bags under his eyes. Feathers is evidently brushing his teeth as we hear the noise of a toothbrush, before Wallace walks in front of him and down the stairs.

Wallace: Lovely morning Gromit!


The Kitchen

Gromit is sitting at the table reading his book, the Republic of Pluto, eating ‘Korn Flakes’ and watching the Open University on the television.

Feathers walks in carrying Wallace’s slippers and places them carefully on his feet. Wallace is now in his dressing gown and is blow drying his bald head.

Wallace: Oh, hoho, ho, thankyou very much! That’s just grand!

Gromit looks bemused and upset.


Hall and Living Room

Gromit is waiting at the post box, waging his tail, as the newspaper is pushed through it. He bends to pick it up, but is beaten by Feathers who races it into Wallace, who is seated in the living room.

Wallace: Oh, thankyou kindly! What do you think of that then Gromit? Eh! Our paying guest, He laughs and pats Feathers on the head. Gromit growls quietly.



Thunder and lighting are in the sky. Gromit is in his kennel. He hears a noise and looks in at the silhouettes of Wallace and Feathers inside. They are drinking wine.

Wallace: Hahaha”¦ Nice drop of Bordeaux this! Here’s to paying guest! Haa ha! They chink glasses. More cheese, penguin, eh? Hahahaha He offers up a hunk of cheese.

Very upset, Gromit goes back into his kennel. He switches on the light and starts to pack his bindle. In it he places a comb, a bone, and his alarm clock. He ties them up then straightens up. His gaze falls on a picture of the duo in happier times, and he begins to cry.

Finally we see him, completely clad in his yellow anorak and hat, leaving the garden, and Wallace, forever.

Wallace: from inside the house Goodnight, penguin! Sleep well!

Gromit takes one last look back, before leaving. The camera cuts to his bedroom window. Illuminated by the thunder is Feathers, who looks very pleased at Gromit’s predicament. He rubs his hands. He jumps down and fetches a book - ‘Electronics for dogs’. Starting up his drill he looks up at the Wrong Trousers - he has a plan”¦


Under a bridge

It is morning. We see a row of bins, and suddenly an alarm clock goes off, shaking one. Gromit pokes his head out of the top of it, before collapsing back down.


Wallace’s bedroom and the kitchen

Wallace is just waking up in his bed.

Wallace: Mmm”¦ Oh”¦ that was lovely cheese! He starts to press the button to ‘get up’, but suddenly the bed rises of its own accord. Oh, oh! Woooaahhh! Oof. He has landed in the Techno Trousers. It’s the Wrong Trousers! The Wrong Trousers! He looks for the controls on the front, but they are gone. What have you done with the controls Gromit? We hear a strange beeping. Suddenly the trousers starting walking out the house and down the road. Now, hu, that’ll do! Just hold on a minute! Stop it! Gromit! Stop these confounded things! Oh this isn’t funny Gromit! The jokes over! Ow, oh, get me out of these trousers!


The Highstreet

The trousers jump high over a house

Wallace: Lovely day! [? - not sure on this]

Gromit is looking at places to stay in a shop window, everywhere says no dogs. Suddenly Wallace rushes past in the trousers.

Wallace: Help! Grommmitttt.. Woooooaaahhhh! Aaaahh! He runs down a street, we here a car horn then a smash. Sorry! He flies up and over the roof, we hear an alarm go off.

The trousers come to a stop around what appears to be a builders site.

Wallace: Woooahh! Gromit appears It’s the Wrong Trousers Gromit, and they’ve gone wrong! Stop them Gromit, stop them! Help me, Gromit! The Trousers have gone haywire! Get me out! Hellllpppp”¦ He goes zooming off.

Gromit hears a noise and follows it. Sure enough, Feathers McGraw is standing there with the controls around his neck like a remote control hand unit. Gromit thinks about what to do next as Wallace jumps past in the background.


Wallace’s bedroom

Wallace is slowly walking in, still in the trousers.

Wallace: Oh, I’m tired! Oh, a good doze, that’s what I need! Get me strength back! Ooh! What a .. what a shocking calama.. calama.. calamity”¦

They walk over and lie in the bed, he pulls the covers over and goes to sleep. However we see that Feathers is on the landing, and has still been overseeing the whole thing.


A restaurant

We see that someone is reading a newspaper and looking out of the window. Among the headlines we learn that the ‘blue diamond’ is to be displayed in the museum. Feathers McGraw walks past. We then see that the person watching was Gromit, ironic because of the newspaper headline ‘dog reads paper’. He leaves the money for the tea he has drunk and leaves, following Feathers.


The museum alleyway

Gromit follows Feathers up the alleyway. Feathers hears something and looks around, Gromit ducks behind a wall. Feathers shakes his head and walks on, silently pursued still by Gromit. He stops facing a wall, checks again in case anyone is watching before opening his notepad and jotting things down. Gromit decides to get closer and puts a box over his head. Shuffling along the road, Feathers thinks he hears something. He shakes his head. Now in his hiding area Gromit gets out a pen knife and puts holes out for his eyes.

Feathers is now playing with a tape measure. He extends it upwards to a window ledge, holds on tight and presses the retract button, sending him zooming up onto the ledge. He then proceeds to measure the window. Hooking it onto the ledge, he zips back down. He starts to walk away, but as he passes Gromit’s box he stops suddenly and starts slowly towards it, looking a little bemused. He walks away and we see that Gromit is hiding in a box labelled ‘Metabix dog food’, and has cut out his eye holes right over the existing ones, meaning that it looks distinctly odd!


The hallway

Gromit pushes open a now penguin shaped dog flap and walks through. He climbs the stairs to his bedroom and enters.


Gromit’s bedroom

Entering the room he is shocked to find that the wall has been repapered with fish paper. With no time to be upset he starts towards the desk. Switching on the light he takes a look at the plans on them. He is amazed to find that it is a map of the museum, specifically the diamond exhibit. Feathers is going to steal the blue diamond! Suddenly Gromit here’s the ‘penguin flap’, hurriedly switches off the light, and leaves the room as Feathers climbs back up the stairs.


The landing and Wallace’s bedroom

We see that Gromit has hidden himself under the covers. Feathers walks past, checks on Wallace, then walks into Gromit’s bedroom. Gromit peaks out from under the covers and sees Feathers carrying a box towards the room, covering his face. As he drops it down Gromit sees that Feathers wears a rubber glove on his head, disguising him as the wanted ‘chicken’. Feathers checks the glove with a mirror, before fitting a cycling helmet to Wallace’s head. Using the controls he starts making Wallace, who is still asleep, walk out of the house.

Slamming the door behind him sets off the ‘get u up’ machine, and suddenly the bed starts to rise, with Gromit still in it. Knowing what is about to happen Gromit slides down through the hatch, being put into Wallace’s trousers. He then puts on the shirt and tank top before finally the jam is thrown at him, no toast pops up, and it lands all over his face.


The Museum Alleyway

Wallace, still asleep in the Techno Trousers, and Feathers are walking along the alleyway. Feathers makes the trousers start to climb the wall, before hopping on to ride them all the way up. Once he reaches the window ledge he was on before he hops off, then allows the trousers to make their way to the roof. They walk across the flat roof then down the air vent.

They come out in the area of the diamond exhibition, on the ceiling. Feathers then guides them along past the exhibits and into the blue diamond room, according to his plans. They pass many exciting objects as they go. As Wallace enters the diamond room we see red lasers set up to go off if touched. Whilst Wallace is walking through we ominously see one of the ceiling tiles come a little loose. One laser is too high for Wallace to pass, so Feathers stops him. Wallace then gives a big yawn, giving Feathers the perfect opportunity to make him walk over the laser beam. Wallace is positioned above the diamond. At the touch of a button the cycling helmet opens, and a claw comes out. It drops down to grab the diamond, like a claw game at an arcade, but misses. Wallace is moved a little back and the claw is sent down again. This time it is closer, but not quite. Wallace is repositioned once more and the claw goes down. It grabs the diamond and starts to pull it up. However the grip is not tight enough and the diamond falls. With lighting speed, and utterly terrified, Feathers makes the claw grab it, just before hitting the ground and setting off the lasers.

Wiping sweat Feathers retracts the claw into the helmet and programmes Wallace to walk forward. As he does so however, the ceiling tile comes loose and the diamond, still attached to the claw like a wire, flies out, setting off a laser.

All the alarms go off, and Wallace wakes up.

Wallace: Eh, oh.. Oh.. Oh! Here, ooh, what’s the game then? Where am I? What’s going on? The Trousers make the way back out, but the door closes on them. Yikes! Feathers turns them around and they walk towards the window. Oh, oh, oh! Gromit! Groommmiiittt! Oh oh, ahh, I must be dreaming! Eh, where the devil am I? Ohh! Feathers stands back and the window twists round, meaning Wallace is on the outside. Great heavens above! Whatever is it?! Help! Get me down! Help! Feathers hops on and grabs the diamond, before setting the trousers to walk back to the house. What’s the game then, eh? Where am I? That’s quite enough! You’ll be hearing from my solicitor about this! Oh, eh, ow! Mind how you go! You can’t go taking liberties like this, I’m a respectable citizen! Ahh”¦!


Gromit’s bedroom

Feathers walks in, followed by Wallace.

Wallace: ”¦Most definitely not legal this!

Feathers stops the trousers and takes off his glove, revealing who he really is.

Wallace: Good grief! It’s you! The trousers start to move towards the cupboard. Now, let me out of these trousers this minute! Steady on will you! He is backed into the cupboard, and Feathers closes the door. This wardrobe’s nearly new you know! Let me out! Hu, I’ll teach you what for you tyke!

Feathers packs his bag with the diamond and starts to move out, but Gromit bars the door, carrying a rolling pin as a weapon. Feathers pulls a gun on him. Gromit immediately puts his hands up.

Wallace: Excuse me?! Eh, hello?!

Feathers makes Gromit move over and opens the door of the cupboard.

Wallace: I should think so too! Feathers slams the door and turns the lock. Hey! Well, this is a fine howdoyoudo isn’t it Gromit?! Gromit breaks open the controls and starts to fiddle with the wires. Steady on! Watch where you’re putting them paws! Gromit holds two wires together that make the legs start to walk. Oh, oh! Careful lad! Ooh! Oh my goodness, it’ll ruin the woodwork. The bottom breaks off the cupboard Ooh! There goes me’ knotted pine! Where are we going?! Ha, I can’t see a thing! The cupboard crosses over to the door, through which Feathers then runs out. The smashing of the cupboard against the door frame breaks the lock, allowing Gromit out. Feathers jumps down the banisters, and Gromit leaps at him, narrowly missing. What’s happening?!

At the bottom of the stairs the train whizzes past and Feathers leaps onto it. The Trousers walk on forward and the cupboard starts to fall down the stairs at Gromit.

Wallace: Catch me Gromit!

Gromit leaps at the light switch. Feathers shoots at him and he falls down onto the train, using the lampshade as a shield against the bullets. The train heads towards the door and Feathers shoots the ‘penguin flap’ off so he can jump through it. However quick thinking Gromit changes the tracks and the train heads off in the other direction.

Meanwhile Wallace, still in the Trousers, breaks out of his cupboard and onto the train. Feathers shoots three more times, but is distracted by Wallace who is just balanced on the end of the train.

Wallace: Don’t worry Gromit, I’m - ooh - right behind you”¦

Feathers shoots at the track changer, meaning Wallace is sent onto the adjacent line.

Wallace: Shooting past Gromit Hang in their Gromit, everything’s under control! He grabs Feather’s gun I’ll have that if you don’t mind, eh! Aaaaaa! He looks ahead and sees he’s about to go flying through the serving hatch to the kitchen, freeing him from the Techno Trousers, but sending him onto the serving wagon.

On the train Gromit climbs along the carriages towards Feathers.

Wallace: Tally hoooo! He is sitting on the serving wagon holding a fishing net to catch Feathers in. Leave him to me! I’ll get the bounder! He holds up the net but it catches on a moose head mounted on the wall, holding him back. He flies onto the back of the train hanging on for dear life. Aaaahhhhhhh!

Feathers, meanwhile, pulls the pin out that holds his train to Gromit’s carriages and waves goodbye.

Wallace: Get him Gromit!

Feathers zooms on and changes the tracks so Wallace and Gromit will go sailing to a dead end.

Wallace: Gromit! We’re doomed! Gromit grabs some spare track, however, and continues the line allowing them to carry on. Oooowwww! Oh, mind the table Gromit! They skilfully pass along under the table Ah! Oh! Ah! Wooah!

Feathers is riding along to make his escape, but Wallace and Gromit run in front and Wallace makes a grab for him

Wallace: Gotcha! But he has only caught the engine of the train, leaving Feathers in the coal area. Huh? Gromit is still laying tracks and catching up with Feathers All yours Gromit!

The Techno Trousers then step onto the track in front of Feathers, sending him flying high in the kitchen. Gromit continues to lay track as Feathers flies overhead. Suddenly he hits the sideboard, knocking a milk bottle into his open hands. Feathers flies down straight into it.

Wallace: Flying to a stop along the floor Atta’ boy Gromit lad! He stops by Gromit Well done, we did it! Haha!


Police Station/The Zoo

The Wrong Trousers walks along, pulling Feathers, now tied up, along behind it on top of the trolley Gromit used earlier. Wallace and Gromit stand happily at the door to observe.

We see Feathers behind bars, angry at being shut in, and the camera zooms out to show he’s stuck in the zoo.


The Living Room

Wallace is in his arm chair. Gromit carries his slippers to him.

Wallace: Thankyou old friend - many thanks indeed. Hmm. Gromit sits down in his arm chair and reads the paper, we see Feathers name for the first time in the headline that reads ‘Feathers McGraw back inside’. That reward money paid off all our debts, no more lodgers, ohhh. More trouble than they’re worth. I could just fancy some cheese, Gromit, what do you say? Cheddar?

Gromit nods and goes into the kitchen.

Wallace: Don’t forget the crackers!

Gromit passes by a window and looks out. We see the Techno Trousers now firmly lodged into the bin. One foot twitches slightly.

Back having cheese Wallace turns to Gromit

Wallace: Ah, all’s well that ends well, that’s what I say! He bites into the cheese Mmm... The Techno Trousers clunk by the window mmmm”¦

Gromit looks up hearing the Trousers, but shakes his head and resumes reading his paper.

Wallace: Oh I do like a bit of Gorgonzola.

The Trousers meanwhile make their way off down the hill into the sunset as our heroes adventure draws to a close”¦


· Director: Nick Park
· Written by: Nick Park, Bob Baker
· Additional screenplay: Brian Sibley
· Wallace: Peter Sallis
· Executive producer: Peter Lord, Colin Rose, Peter Salmon, David Sproxton
· Producer: Christopher Moll
· Producer BBC: Colin Rose, Peter Salmon
· Original Music: Julian Nott
· Cinematography: Tristan Oliver
· Film Editing: Helen Garrard
· Art Direction: Yvonne Fox
· Set decoration: Cod Steaks
· Production Manager: Peter Thornton

· Characters and props: Geoff Bevins, Trisha Budd, John Parsons, Jan Sanger, John Wright
· Scenic artist: Tim Farrington
· Graphic designer: Richard Higgs
· Assistant art director: sets: Phil Lewis
· Assistant art director: props: Ian Whitlock

· Dialogue dubbing editor: Harvey Lilley
· Sound effects recordist: Bill Morgan
· Post-sound assistant: Chris Nuttall
· Dubbing editors: Adrian Rhodes, Aad Wirtz

· Optical effects: Craig Chandler
· Optical effects supervisor: Peter Wignall
· Effects cameraman (uncredited): Tony Willis

· Photographer: Tristan Oliver, Dave Alex Riddett

· Animator: Nick Park, Steve Box
· Additional animator: Tom Gasek, Arril Johnson, Peter Lord, Peter Thornton

· Trainee assistant editor: Tasmin Parry
· Negative cutter: Jason Wheeler

· Orchestrator: Nic Raine
· Music scoring mixer: Simon Rhodes

· Production assistant: Jason Marshall
· Additional writing contributor: Brian Sibley


This episode in-depth guide is Copyright 2007 Sebastian Hamilton. It is not to be redistributed in a public forum without consent from its author or current maintainer (please contact ).

Any quoted material or episode summaries
of the show remain property of Wallace and Gromit, © Copyright Aardman Animations Ltd 2005.

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