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Welcome to Aardmag - the only magazine looking at Aardman and Wallace and Gromit - free to read online!

Aardmag is a Monthly online publication, available for free, crammed with reviews, articles, news, opinions, interviews and a whole lot more based around Wallace and Gromit, and the Aardman world beyond.

We have a mailing list set up so you will get an email every new issue (and the odd piece of breaking news). And if you have any feedback or comments, or if you would like to write for, or advertise in, the Magazine please drop me an email at the usual address.

Issue 6

May/June 2011

Issue 5

May 2010

Issue 4

January 2010

Issue 3

December 2009

Issue 2

November 2009

Issue 1

October 2009

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