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It’s rather a cliché to say that Wallace and Gromit fans should immediately buy the video games starring the duo - so far things like Project Zoo have proven to be the perfect way to experience the world of Wallace and Gromit first hand and as you want. So when Telltale announced new games I was really excited about the prospect of more video games. Having played through the first series I’m now even more excited by them!

The first series has four episodes, originally released over Monthly intervals and they can be played on the computer or over Xbox Live (at least they should all be available through it by the end of the year - there has been some confusion at Microsoft’s end). If you’re reading this review you are probably able to therefore play the game on your computer, immediately a good point. The music is outstandingly good as well, and has been made available to download and enjoy from the Telltale site here:

So what happens in the games? Well basically they’re what are known as ‘point and click’ adventures whereby you control a character and by selecting different objects complete a number of puzzles to progress through the game. Some gamers have targeted the control system but I found it perfectly easy to use, moving with the arrow keys and pointing and clicking with the mouse.

You play as both Gromit and Wallace depending what you have to do. Unfortunately Wallace is not voiced by Peter Sallis. This was a major drawback for me originally, but having played the games I think Ben Whitehead does a superb job anyway! It’s not a spot on impression no, but it’s certainly not a terrible one. While having Peter would have no doubt made the game better, not having him doesn’t detract from the gaming experience.

And then there are the supporting characters. And ‘characters’ is by far the correct phrase! They’re a superb selection of personalities each with their own distinct style. The design and writing is spot on for the Wallace and Gromit world and by the end of the final game they all had a very special place in my heart. I certainly wouldn’t be against seeing more from any of these people in future games or even films. Even Mr Gabberly, who we never see and only hear through an open window, has a wonderful personality.

The main places you explore are the town centre (not ‘center’ please note Telltale!) and 62 West Wallaby Street itself. Designed with a lot of thought and research the house is brilliant - you generally explore the kitchen, hall, dining room, Wallace’s bedroom, the cellar and (in only one game) their sitting room. In some games rooms are redecorated slightly because of the plot but the feel of the house is perfect. The town center is also really well designed and remains the same so as you get further into the series you really feel like you’re just popping into town and you whizz around as if you’ve lived there for years.

Humour is obviously a large part of Wallace and Gromit and the games certainly underplay it rather than push it forward - definitely the better option. Sometimes they could perhaps have more jokes in video sequences, but some did make me laugh out loud on a few occasions. Of course everything you do in the Wallace and Gromit world is actually just madness so the humour comes through that. The best moment must be when you get Wallace to click on the ‘Get-U-Up’ lever. He pulls it, nothing happens and then he says “oh - I must be up already!”

Every game has a completely different main plotline and feel to it, the first being the most ‘Wallace and Gromit’ with everything being quite simple while the others branch out, still retaining the essential core feel. There isn’t a weak game in the pack. Replay value is difficult to decide really, obviously the puzzles won’t be as difficult the second or third time around but give it a good break between playing and I think these are things fans will come back to time and time again.

So to repeat the old cliché these are essential purchases. Only I really do mean that and I hope you take my advice - you won’t regret it!

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