Piella Bakewell
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Piella Bakewell

A Matter of Loaf and Death




Piella Bakewell was made famous through her role as the Bake-O-Lite Girl, flying softly through the sky on a small hot air balloon with her famous song ‘I’m light as a feather - I’m the Bake-O-Lite girl’.

However over time she quite literally ‘ballooned’ and became too heavy to fly in the advert. The company dropped her as their mascot and she was driven almost insane as a result.

To take revenge she decided to kill 13 bakers as a mark of her hatred for their produce and what it had done to her. Her 13th, her ‘baker’s dozen’, was Wallace. Having seduced him in the same way as the 12 before, her plan fell into place as they became engaged. She then began her attempts to kill him and these ranged from pushing him into his baking machinery to a hidden bomb in a cake. Other incidents might have happened, and without Gromit’s input she would have easily succeeded. She almost lost sight of her plan when covered in flour by a machinery accident, sending her over the edge whereupon she verbally abused Wallace and threw the engagement ring back at him. By the next day she had composed herself however and returned to make amends. [1]

Her first twelve victims in order were: Norbert Stodge, Wayne Scales, Rich Teabiscuit, Basil Dumplings, Phil O'Pastry, Bread Astair, Quiche Richards, Crusty Rolls, Herb Bruschetta, Shorty Shortcrust, Brendan Butterpudding and Baker Bob. Although we see her hit Baker Bob with his own rolling pin, sending him into the bread he was preparing, he was found the next day covered in batter at the foot of his oven. [2]

The contrast between her outward exterior and her real personality can be seen through her home - dark and dismal and the complete opposite to the flowery, feminine taste she tried to create in each target’s home as part of her seduction. The mistreatment of her dog Fluffles can be seen by the fact Fluffles was forced to sleep in a cardboard box, and undoubtedly she was abused on other occasions.

Piella met her ultimate end (as far as we can tell) after a showdown in Wallace and Gromit’s bakery. Making her escape on the Bake-O-Lite balloon she was still in denial that she was too heavy and thus slowly sank through the air and finally into the crocodile enclosure of the local zoo. [3]

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