Major Crum
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Major Crum

Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures Telltale Games: Series 1




Major Crum, who lives on West Wallaby Street, is a retired army officer. He still feels it is his responsibility to protect the citizens around him at all costs and looks out for danger at every turn.

He once tried to convince residents of an impending attack from the skies because a snail had retreated into its shell during the day. Although most people thought him mad he was later proven correct when the giant bumblebees attacked the area. Thanks to both Gromit and him the bumblebees were eventually sorted out [1].

His imagination was fired up by the conditions of Wallace and Gromit’s holiday resort and he delighted in telling Wallace old war stories. He later tried to solve the mystery of what happened to Duncan Biscuit [2].

One of his darkest moments came when he was beaten by Mrs Gabberly in the pie eating contest at the town fair organised by Monty Muzzle. It was lucky he did however because when he had finished he went on the Muzzler to have a break, but being too heavy he broke the machine allowing Gromit to escape [3].

When presented with dogtags and a helmet he can be convinced that he’s in the army again [4] and he’s also a member of the Prickly Thicket golf club, though he spends most of his time there playing chess against the computer and having tea at tea time [5].

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