Mrs Winnie Gabberly
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Winnie Gabberly

Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures Telltale Games: Series 1




Mrs Gabberly runs the local shop in the town centre off West Wallaby Street.

Sweet and nice most of the time she can have quite a short temper if people mess about with her things and she delights in nothing more than trying to outdo her husband with insults.

Indeed she actively enjoys irritating her husband, so her house is full of purple pansies despite the fact that he strongly dislikes them [1]. Of course they do sometimes make up and when Gromit showed her proof of Mr Gabberly apologising for his behaviour she ran upstairs and kissed him - finally closing her store amidst the terror of the attacking giant bumblebees [1b].

Sometimes she can also become emotional, such as when she was being offended by Duncan McBiscuit [2] but she always fights back - for example when she won the pie-eating contest hands down against Major Crum [3].

[1]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees
[2]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort
[3]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: Muzzled!

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