Mr Paneer
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Mr Paneer

Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures Telltale Games: Series 1




Mr Paneer runs the local corner shop selling oddments - as long as he can find someone to buy it then he’ll stock it.

He fancies himself as quite a good man at commentating on events - as seen when he commentated on the pie-eating contest [1] and the golfing tournament between Wallace and Duncan McBiscuit [2].

He is a member of the Prickly Thicket Golf Club, though he spends most of his time there playing snooker and telling jokes [2b]. His shop was almost closed down when a squirrel got into it - rodents being a pet peeve of PC Dibber [2c]. He was trapped in his shop during the invasion of the giant bumblebees [3].

Simple things please him enormously - be it building his sandcastle at Wallace and Gromit’s resort [4] or trying to get the grand prize on the ‘guess how many bits bubble gum balls in the jar’ game at Monty Muzzle’s fair [5].

[1]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: Muzzled!
[2]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: The Bogey Man
[3]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees
[4]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort
[5]Telltale Game - Wallace and Gromit: Muzzled!

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