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In 2003 ‘Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation’ was set up. Fronted by everyone’s favourite plasticine duo and with the backing of the new Trustee Nick Park it helps to improve the quality of life for sick children in hospitals and hospices across the whole of the UK.

In 2003 the Charity ran its first ‘Wrong Trousers Day’ - an event which has since rocketed in popularity and has raised over £1,000,000 be encouraging people to pay £1 and wear the ‘Wrong Trousers’. This year the 'Wrong Trousers Day' takes place on Friday 25th June 2010 - so start thinking of ideas now!

In 2008 the ‘Great British Tea Party’ was launched to great success, and it returned in 2009, across 4th-14th November, raising thousands of pounds.

The work they do is so very important. Every year about 20% of all children in the UK, that’s 2.4 million young people, are admitted to hospital. 20,000 children in the UK will not make their Eighteenth Birthday because of life limiting illnesses.

Thanks to projects using music therapy, arts programmes, state-of-the-art medical equipment and general care in regional centres across the whole country children can have their lives enriched and enhanced while they go through what is always a very difficult time. Families are also supported with information, advice and support.

The Foundation puts smiles on faces and gives hope for the future to all involved whenever a child falls ill. 1 in 3 families in the UK have a child who has been admitted to hospital. The Foundation makes a huge difference to so many of them.

There is no better way of saying ‘Thank you’ to Aardman Animations for all their work than donating to the Foundation - it is something every one of us should support.

Below is an official YouTube video detailing what the charity is and how it helps people:

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