Anti-Pesto Van
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Anti-Pesto Van

The Curse of the Wererabbit


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Pest in Show
Snow! Snow! (Quick, thick snow!)
The Blitz
What a carve up!

Bought by Wallace at some point between the 31st January and the 13th February 2005 [1], Wallace spent time ‘regigging’ the van with many different gadgets to aid in pest catching.

The Anti-Pesto logos and slogans were painted on, along with the personalised number plate ‘HOP 2 1T’. The front grille slides up to release the auto-starting arm [2] (made from recycled parts of Preston the dog [3]) and the tyres have extra thick tread. The de-mudding device also became inbuilt to auto-clean the van if needed, [4] and the Bunvac 6000 was later inserted into the back of the van, however this was removable if it needed to be. [5]

Wallace was not a very good driver, hence the bashes and bruises on the vehicle, but he still took great pride in his van. Apparently he also affectionately calls her Gladys. [6]

The van was repainted and changed (such as the new facility for Gromit to actually 'take the wheel' and plug it into his side of the van) for their business 'Top Bun'. [7]

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The Anti-Pesto van was designed specifically for The Curse of the Were-rabbit, and therefore many of the things it does are suited to the film. It’s like a James Bond movie, the gadget selection he takes are always the perfect ones for that assignment!

However we do get the feeling there is more to the van and that stops it from being a predictable vehicle. It’s returned many times since in comics and, of course, in 'A Matter of Loaf and Death' and is always welcomed.

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