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A Close Shave

A Pier too far
Catch of the day
Crackers in space
Plots in space
The bootiful game
The lost slipper/curse of the ramsbottoms
The whippet vanishes

Boiling point


Wendolene was born on December 28th. [1] Growing up she lived with her father, who was an inventor who somehow came to be in possession of a shop. As he drew closer to death and could see she needed someone to protect her he build a cyberdog, Preston.

Once he died Wendolene and Preston set up ‘Wendolene’s Wools’ together. After a short time Preston’s circuitry went mad and he started to be more ‘evil’. Firstly the two rounded up sheep to sheer their wool and sell it, but Wendolene was soon forced to join Preston in killing them to make ‘Preston’s Dog Food’. [2] With the help of Wallace and Gromit during the eleventh rustle in as many Months [3] she was able to stop him and carried on running the shop. [4]

After a shortish while, of about a year or two, Wendolene inherited Ramsbottom Manor on Wensleydale Moor. During the years before this she met with Wallace and Gromit several times,[5] even going to the Annual Dinner-Dance for the British Cheese Board. [6] She was seduced by her tenant, Rhett Leicester, and almost married him. Wallace and Gromit managed to stop the wedding ceremony, but she then decided to date the owner of the Wensleydale cheese factory, Bill Cheeseman. [7] Later on she and Bill Cheeseman helped Wallace and Gromit travel into space, and a sinister secret was revealed. (Note: I’m not saying what because it will really ruin the book - ed) In the end though it all wrapped up well with Bill and Wendolene back together. [8] Quite what happened to this marriage is unknown, but since then she has carried on running her cheese shop with an updated Preston who looks just like he used to but with less evil. [9]

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