"Feathers" McGraw
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“Feathers” McGraw

The Wrong Trousers

The Lost Slipper/Curse of the Ramsbottoms
Catch of the day (various reports of him escaping and then being recaptured are seen in the background again and again!)

Wanted: Wallace and Gromit
Snow! Snow! (Quick, thick snow!)


Not many people know but Feathers "light flippers" [1] McGraw originally tried out a number of disguises. From traffic cones over his nose for a ‘puffin’ disguise or two gloves on either side of his head for a ‘moose’ disguise, to a sock hanging under his beak for a ‘goose’ disguise. None of these have worked anywhere near as well as his now trademark glove-on-the-head ‘chicken’ disguise. In fact, to provide him with enough gloves for a lifetime supply of ‘chicken’ disguises, Feather’s once remotely reprogrammed a glove factory to purely print red ones! [2]

One of his most ambitious criminal plots was when he redirected hundreds of fish vans to dump their produce in Buckingham Palace. The plan was that everyone would flee except for him and he could crown himself King. Luckily for everyone else the smell actually attracted hundreds of police dogs, foiling his plot. [2b]

He also once changed all the wrappers of a certain chocolate bar to say ‘Feathers’, after he was offended that he hadn’t appeared on them. The slogan was also changed to ‘f-f-f-f-feast on a feathers!” [2c]

Having escaped from prison, disguising himself as a chicken so that the warden would take him home for his tea before Feathers held him at gunpoint and stole his savings, he hatched a plan to steal the blue diamond from an exhibit near West Wallaby Street. Having been missing for five Months, with a £1000 reward, he took up a room in the house of Wallace and Gromit. [3] It was here that the sight of the Wrong Trousers gave him an idea. He used them to break into the museum and steal the diamond. Luckily Wallace and Gromit outwitted him in a death-defying train chase on the floor of the house. He was then taken away and locked up in a zoo. [4]

Later on however he somehow got out and overthrew the human owners. Capturing all of the baby animals he blackmailed the animals into making a diamond building area. In the end Wallace and Gromit were able to overthrow him and he was put back into prison. [5]

He escaped once again later on and swore revenge on Wallace and Gromit. He kidnapped Gromit and blackmailed Wallace into making special techno-trousers and techno-arms. They then set off together to rob a bank, however it soon became clear that Feathers was actually just framing them for the robbery when he left them in the cell and escaped. Luckily with the help of the original techno-trousers they proved their innocence to the authorities and had him captured once more. [6]

The next time he got free was when he bribed the cleaner to let him out with the promise of loads of diamonds if he helped. He stole Wallace and Gromit’s snow machines and created huge blizzards everywhere. Luckily Wallace and Gromit were on hand to help once more and got everything under control. The last sighting of Feathers McGraw was him floating away with Perkins (the cleaner) on an iceberg. [7] Quite what has become of him since is unknown, though a rope outside the zoo as Wallace and Piella race in on their bike and a poster proclaiming him as 'missing' might suggest that he is still at large”¦ [8]

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