Lady Tottington
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Lady Tottington

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


What a carve up!

Many - although her biggest vegetable is her incredible Carotte d’Chantenay

For over 500 years the Tottingtons have held a giant vegetable competition at Tottington Hall. The Hall itself was designed by the architect Sir Christopher Wradish in 1732, therefore we can tell that there must have been some sort of building there before as the vegetable competition must have been held somewhere! The present Lady Tottington’s hairstyle was invented by the very first Lady Tottington to hide her enormous ears. It is apparently held up by the use of organic tree-sap hair gel. [1]

All her life Lady Tottington has loved two different things - vegetables and fluffy animals. She despises hunting and inhumane treatment to animals. [2] In fact she tries to tempt hunters away from killing animals by holding an annual ‘foxglove hunt’, which apparently has an attendance of about 0 people. [3]

The Tottingtons have been plagued by the Quartermaines for a very long time - the latter family have always wished to be in control of the manor and all the money. [3b] The Quartermaine who has got furthest is the present Lord, Victor. He was thwarted however by Wallace and Gromit who showed him up to be a hunting evil murderer to Lady Tottington. [4]

Her sanctum is her beautiful rooftop conservatory, somewhere she keeps private from prying eyes and visits only to be in the tranquillity of it all. [4b]

After the events of the latest Vegetable competition Lady Tottington opened the Tottington Hall Bunny Sanctuary. She continues to receive unwanted rabbits via. Anti Pesto and also continues to receive visits from the owner of Anti-Pesto, something she enjoys just as much as the sanctuary itself! [5]

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