Victor Quartermaine
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Victor Quartermaine

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit




For many years the Quartermaines have strived to gain contol of Tottington Hall [1] and this is why Victor has spent so many years chasing after the present Lady Tottington. They are very unlike each other - he hates vegetables and rabbits (unless he’s hunting them) and she loves them and despises hunting! [2]

Son of Lord Ponsenby Quartermaine, he first got into hunting when he was given a gun as soon as he was old enough because hunting ran in the family blood, and also in the hope that it would keep him out of the house. He has since grown a huge liking for it, one of the main reasons that his only companion is his dog Phillip. [3]

After the local Pest Controller Wallace started to impress Lady Tottington he swore revenge and challenged him to a fight. This backfired when he found out that this rival was in fact a Were-Rabbit whenever the full moon appeared! Victor tried to shoot him with 2 more bullets, one a golden carrot award, but was unsuccessful as a result of the interference of Gromit. [4]

After being knocked unconscious and then tied into a giant rabbit costume Victor was chased for miles and miles by the villagers. His future beyond this point is unknown, much to the relief of Wallace, Lady Tottington, and Gromit!

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