Rev. Hedges
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Rev. Hedges

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


Washday blues
What a carve up!


The elderly vicar of St. Georges is thought of as a bumbling fool by many, but in reality he’s actually quite devious!

To help grow his carrots to an amazing size he sprinkles them with holy water and says prayers for them every day - using a bit of divine intervention to help him win the Golden Carrot Award.

However it seems he would sacrifice even his precious vegetables just to be in the know before everyone else. He revels in revealing horrors to the masses and keeps a special cupboard of methods to kill supernatural evils just so that if any Were-Rabbits or even the dreaded Were-Cow attack he’ll be the one to turn to.

He also has a darker side never really revealed - he has a secret love for nun-wrestling, he even reads the magazine! [1] He also apparently keeps "odd things" in the vestry. [2]

Other than that he’s a very friendly man who’s high up in society. [3]

[1] Curse of the Were-Rabbit
[2] Grand Adventures and Glorious Inventions
[3] Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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