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PC Mackintosh

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


The W Files
Wallace’s sharp idea
Wanted: Wallace and Gromit


Albert Mackintosh is the only villager around Wallace and Gromit who hates vegetables. The reason for this is that his whole life seems to be revolved around the townsfolk’s crops! Every year the competition causes trouble and he’s always the one who has to sort it out. [1]

His tools of the trade are his truncheon (The thief-thrasher Mk II), his notepad (mostly used for writing shopping lists), [2] and his trusty policeman’s helmet which underneath reveals an unusually large forehead. [3]

He did once get involved with alien activity, after finding a crashed spaceship, but taking pity on the harmless friends he hid them in a shed from the military types before giving them the all clear to leave. [4]

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