Mr and Mrs Mulch
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Mr & Mrs Mulch

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit



Pumpkin (a favourite to win before it was destroyed)

It was Mrs Mulch complaining about the rabbits around her pumpkins which gave Wallace the idea to start up Anti-Pesto in the first place, and she was joint second (with Mr Windfall) customer of the company. [1]

Mr and Mrs Mulch have a happy enough marriage with an agreement that Mr Mulch just goes along with whatever Mrs Mulch says. As a result he has taken in her prize pumpkin as his own child too and the both of them push it along in a pram to take it to various places. [2]

Mrs Mulch’s secret to her success is the adding of underwear to her compost heap. [3] Mr Mulch occasionally borrows his wife’s false teeth. [4]

Mrs Mulch objected strongly to Wallace and Gromit's windmill proposal submitted to the Council when they opened 'Top Bun', she felt it would destroy her view of the neighbours, and she wrote a threatening letter to Councillor Bodgit on the matter. Shortly after it was passed by the Council he needed an operation to remove 102 broom bristles removed from his backside. Whether the two are connected is unknown... [5]

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