The Rocket
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The Rocket

A Grand Day Out

Plots in space


The Rocket ship that originally took Wallace and Gromit to the moon and back is made out of old shed doors, sheet metal, rope, rocket fuel, nuts, bolts, greenhouse glass, electric circuitry, and 'some kind of sun shield'. After the first flight Gromit asked for a meteorite warning system to be installed. [1]

After being built during the week leading up to a bank holiday [2], and havng made its trip to the moon and back [3], Wallace next used his rocket to destroy a giant cheese meteorite he had inadvertently caused. [4] Wallace then donated the rocket to the British Amateur Interplanetary Society, who did a part-exchange on the techno-trousers.[5] Soon the Society fell into money problems, and Wallace borrowed the rocket back to take it to RADISH. [6]

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That beautiful shot in A Grand Day Out sets it up, doesn’t it? It’s the essence of Wallace and Gromit - a man and his dog building a rocket in one day!

The decorative interior of the rocket was inspired by the caravan that Nick Park’s Dad built when Nick was only a boy. They all took holidays in it together and apparently it was decorated inside just like this rocket is.

Its very shape and style gives it its charm and I just love it to bits! It’s like nothing else we see - the motorbike is just a motorbike, the van just a van, but this is a wacky rocket! Despite this, you have no doubts when it takes off, even though you have to use a handbrake to do so!

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