The Wrong/Techno Trousers
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The Wrong Trousers/The Techno-Trousers

The Wrong Trousers


Wanted: Wallace and Gromit

Nasa originally built the Techno-Trousers [1] and they were designed to keep Apollo astronauts on the surface of the Moon but were not used because they melted [2]. They were either then bought by the British Amateur Interplanetary Society whereupon Wallace did a part-exchange with them and gave them his rocket [3] (we can presume he also had to give some money for them [4]) or some sources suggest they came from 'The Ex-NASA Store' [5] (more likely - a letter to Wallace from NASA about the purchase exists. [6]) At any rate they were probably found in the classified adverts in 'Popular Inventor'. [6b] After being used in the great blue diamond theft by Feathers McGraw, Wallace and Gromit left them for trash in the bin.[7]

Months passed and Feathers McGraw escaped. Holding Gromit at gunpoint he ordered Wallace to build new versions of the Techno-Trousers. Wallace complied and they all had to embark on the gold theft - which turned out to be a hoax by Feathers to get Wallace and Gromit into trouble. During this however the original Techno-Trousers were reactivated by the radiowaves being used by Feathers and actually stopped Feathers. Wallace felt he couldn’t get rid of them after this and they became his own unique flower pot.[8]

They were later seen to be transformed into automatic lawnmowers, useful in the fight back against the giant bumblebees. [9] [1] The Wrong Trousers - “They’re ex-Nasa”
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*Bedum puu chee * *Bedum puu chee * *Bedum puu chee * If you can’t tell, and I doubt you can, that’s my impression of the noise the Techno-Trousers make! Everything about them is just brilliant in my opinion! That noise sets the scene perfectly and plays very well indeed with the incidental music in the background whenever it walks.

It looks great too - with a beautiful design and colour scheme that add together to give a wonderful effect. It can look very evil - such as when wrapped in wrapping paper and marching towards you, or when standing behind a penguin in the middle of a thunderstorm, but it can also give the desired mechanical look if required as well. I have to agree with Nick Park during the DVD commentary however, when he comments how painful it must be for Wallace in those trousers! They certainly do swing his legs about a lot!

It always makes a welcome comeback, such as in ‘Wanted: Wallace and Gromit’, and the ending of that particular comic helps it’s story arc a lot. I remember as a small child always being sad for them at the end of The Wrong Trousers! Whether it will return again is unknown, but I’m holding out for it!

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