The Motorbike and Sidecar
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The Motorbike and Sidecar

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Bought at Wallace and Gromit’s local store ‘Four wheels bad, two wheels good’ [1], this old Triumph [2] motorbike and sidecar combination was the ultimate method of travel used for the duos window cleaning business [3] once repairs had been made [4]and in many adventures afterwards. It did leave them stranded in the high street when the clutch broke, but Gromit was able to fix it [4b]. Despite being overshadowed by the Anti-Pesto van nowadays, it does still make appearances and is now residing in their garage, waiting to be reused!

[1] Wallace and Gromit Comic Issue 25 (page 49)
[2] Grand Adventures and Glorious Inventions

[3] A Close Shave

[4] Cheese Lover's Yearbook

As it runs towards the pond - zip it flips over. As the sidecar plummets over the edge, kish and the wings pop out. The motorbike and sidecar were used to great comical effect during the film. It’s become a great part of Wallace and Gromit culture and even today with the anti-pesto van to contend with it gets a look in! It’s quick, easy to see, and works well!

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