The Tubmarine
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HMS Tubmarine


Catch of the Day
A Pier too far


Originally built by Wallace to help him catch fish after the local Fish ‘n’ Chips shop closed, the Tubmarine was used to bring Albert Plunger, a cheating fisherman, to justice. [1] Later it reappeared to help Wallace and Gromit rebuild a pier - specifically to help strengthen the legs. Mr Burpham ‘upgraded’ it into the ‘shark submersible’, and tried to destroy the pier. After he was stopped by Wallace and Gromit they took the Tubmarine home and we know not what has happened to it since.[2]

The Tubmarine was carried down roads by being attached to the motorbike, in place of the sidecar. It didn’t have enough space to have an airlock, so if you want to get out under water you are forced to use the torpedoes. It was set off on its maiden voyage by Wendolene, who used a shampoo bottle. [3]

[1] Catch of the Day
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[3] Catch of the Day

A really great invention which made a superb return in A Pier too Far. It provides many laughs and is a brilliant example of Wallace’s madness. You could feel a little annoyed that Wallace built it in one night, almost ruining the illusion, but this is a man who built a rocket and went to the Moon - and we didn’t complain them!

It’s a little disappointing to see it ‘upgraded’ in A Pier too Far though - why he couldn’t just use the original Tubmarine I don’t know. That is just a little unconvincing and gives it less of a swan-song than I think it deserved. I do hope we see it in the future.

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